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Our knowledge pool is based on well developed structures reaching to many areas of expertise. We are committed to providing advisory services in a manner which represents best practice for our clients.

Glennon Chartered Accountants have established strong links to external specialist service providers in areas outside our core service space and our resource capability. Our in-depth knowledge of our clients and our broad understanding of specialist areas allows us to uniquely identify our client’s requirements and to facilitate, when necessary, the delivery of such specialist services in an efficient manner. We are a small accountancy practice delivering the big picture to our clients… within an affordable cost structure.
Glennon Chartered Accountants are members of the Omega Network Group of Accountants, which is a network of accountancy firms registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Ireland. All member firms are highly respected within the financial and business community. Some are specialist firms providing expert advice in areas of tax, insolvency and corporate finance.

The purpose of the Omega Network Group of Accountants is;

  • to exchange ideas and experiences relevant to our goal of ensuring our firms reflect best practice
  • to monitor legislative changes and to assess the likely affects on our clients
  • to review Revenue activity and monitor areas of concern for our clients
  • to identify opportunities for expanding our service offerings
  • to grow our knowledge base through group discussion with external expert service providers