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For Our Clients to Grow… through positive cashflow

Successful businesses clearly understand their business model and the key drivers which generate cashflow. We help you understand your business better.

At Glennon Chartered Accountants we believe positive cashflow drives growth. A good management team will demand the development of robust systems and procedures to facilitate cash collection, ensuring maximising cashflow is always top of the agenda.
Glennon Chartered Accountants assist clients in understanding their cashflow. We have developed a cashflow forecast model which is tailored to suit each client and which analyses the key business drivers.
To grow your business, you need to know your business.

Cash management made easy

  • Incentivise quicker payment from debtors
  • Restructure Banking arrangements and reduce the cost of finance
  • Is your business forfeiting discounts, have you asked
  • Converting stock into cash, accurate forecasting is key
  • Maximising credit terms from suppliers
  • Revenue instalment arrangements to get you back on track
  • Triggers for credit stop, do you use them